That's how you play

 All our games are based on the commission of a fictional crime, often a murder. You, as a player, receive a package with all the investigative material collected by the police during their preliminary investigation; crime scene investigation, police interviews, autopsy reports, collected evidence and much more.

The crimes have never been solved, but somewhere in the material the truth is hidden. It is only a matter of putting the puzzle.

The games take about 2-4 hours to play and are made for 1-6 players. First, you read an introduction to the case. After that, you decide for yourself how you choose to structure and deal with the material. If you get stuck, you open one of the clue envelopes, which can help you in the right direction.

When you think you have solved the case, there is of course an envelope marked SOLUTION. Open this, and see if you were right!

Good luck!