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News - The last letter

News - The last letter

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On December 19, 2021, Gustaf Djurström, a highly regarded businessman, is found dead under mysterious circumstances in his home at Lindbacka Castle. The castle and surrounding properties have been in the family for generations. After two years of intensive police work, the Stockholm police closed the case, and have now released it to the public. Somewhere in the material there are details that the investigators have missed, and each character carries a story full of potential motives and hidden agendas. From the loyal assistant with unexpected secrets to the Norwegian scientist with an unknown connection to the family. What actually happened at Lindbacka that winter morning? Everything depends on you now.


Easy to get started. Read the introduction to the case, grab the material and try to find out who the murderer is!

Recommended number of players: 1 - 8

Indeholder: Crime scene investigations, interrogation reports, autopsy reports, collected evidence, emergency calls, mapping, etc.

Age limit: 15 years

Natural experience: The game is developed based on how researches of real crime looks out, and audited by lawyers and police officers.


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